How to Choose the Money Keywords & Cash In with System – Guaranteed!

Hi folks,

I’m revealing my secret tactic for you to unleash the full potential of Jonathan Leger’s 3WayLinks Google ranking system.

It’s the exactly what I learn from super affiliates who use this secret tactic to rake in tens of thousand affiliate cash by promoting affiliate products.

I’ve seen ebooks sell for $97 with this single tactic, but I will show you for free.


Did you know that choosing your keywords is the MOST important part of the whole process? I can say 99% of the people who fail with 3WayLinks are making this step wrong.

Many people just chase to rank those popular keywords and build sites with those search terms. But soon they found these keywords are hard to get ranked. Even if they’re getting traffic, they get no sales in this kind of search traffic. Big fail. And they complain this system is not working.

What I advise is to aim to rank the keywords that MAKE MONEY.

For example, when you are building a product review site to promote affiliate products, the 5 keywords strings you MUST target are: the product name, product name review, buy product name, purchase product name, and product name bonus.

But why?

Because people searching on these words are buyers. They want to read positive reviews to convince them to buy and theyare ready and waiting to spend money!

The keywords I mention are money keywords which guarantee to make sales and also easy to rank in the search engines.

You may not expect to get huge traffic but the conversions will be just fantastic.

For example, I have a websites that makes me $500 per month, with no more than 15 visitors a day!

Even though you get less traffic, you end up making more money.

If you don’t know how to presell those desperate buyers and make money with these money keywords, try Review-in-a-box in which you can get your turnkey review site set up with articles, videos and follow up messages.

You can easily leave your competitors in the dust with 3WayLinks because you get much less competition with these keywords. 250 links from 3WL are absolutely enough.

And good news is now Google’s External Keyword Tool reports the exact search volume (maybe the death of all major keyword tools?)

That means now it’s easy to decide which keywords are worth to rank, since 3WL just allows you to choose 3 keywords of your choice to rank in.

You just choose to rank the product related money keywords which have healthy search volumes.

Jon also includes a free report on keyword selection in the 3WL member area, which will help you how to find low to mid-competition keywords to aim for. Read it carefully.

Conclusion: 3WayLinks is an awesome tool for getting hands-off Google rankings for mini sites, affiliate review sites and small content sites. So use it to get traffic for your mini-sites while eventually serving link juice and traffic for your authority sites.

And be sure to take advantage of the Super 3WayLinks Discount & Bonuses when you choose to subscribe this awesome SEO tool.

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2009-01-14 08:35:54

G’day Henry,
Great post! This is something that the ‘Gurus’ and Big Dogs don’t ever mention for some reason?! 😉

There is a H-U-G-E difference between keywords which bring you traffic, and keywords which bring you SALES. And isn’t that what we all want, to sell something and make money?

So, as you say, once you have been through the process and found a few low-to-medium traffic keywords (you don’t want to go after the high traffic keywords because you will be bumping heads with the Big Dogs, but you do need to get a reasonable flow of traffic to your website), THEN you need to brainstorm to find the keywords which people will use to actually BUY the product.

Words like “purchase xxxx”, “buy xxxx”, etc are obvious, but as you say, “xxxx review” is another powerful buying keyword. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes — what would YOU type in to buy the product, or just before you decide to buy the product?

Another free tip for your readers — try using actual model names and numbers. Rather than just bid on ‘digital camera’ for example, build your campaign around actual make and model keywords like “Canon Digi-smart DC1000” — just made that one up, don’t go searching for it. 🙂

Then try “buy Canon Digi-smart DC1000”, etc, as Henry suggested. You might be surprised at how much traffic you can get if you combine a few of these, and also how high the conversion rates are, because these people already know what they want to buy, so all you have to do is let them buy it from you. 🙂

Bye for now,

Comment by Jimmy James
2009-02-24 18:38:37

Good post here.

I linked to it from

And I also added in a reference to it from some follow up emails I send out



Comment by Simon Clough
2009-05-12 11:19:00

This is great advice. I’ve saved this post to my favourites so I can find it again in the future. I will use the tactics mentioned here.

Comment by Arturo
2009-08-13 07:02:20

I wouldn’t be so convinced that keywords ending in “review” are necessarily eager shoppers. There are so many fake “review” sites that have made sure of that.

That’s just my opinion though! everything else i agree with though! nice post

Comment by Jared
2009-08-28 20:23:40

I agree with the above poster. Many review sites provide weak and non thorough reviews. I know I’ve searched around for a while just trying to find a decent review before..

Comment by Scott Love
2010-02-12 03:55:31

You are right. You should be charging for this info. I have taken quite a few courses and not a single one mentioned finding the money keywords. Everybody talks about traffic (and that is important) but I would rather have 5 visitors who buy than 1000 who just look.

Good stuff Henry!

Comment by Jorge R
2010-07-04 23:23:31

I found out about this tactic only a couple of weeks ago, and now it’s the only thing I’m doing. I haven’t seen any results yet, which is why I’m going to check 3WL.

Comment by tham tu
2010-07-13 12:07:31

Great post! This is something that the ‘Gurus’ and Big Dogs don’t ever mention for some reason?!

Comment by P90X Curious
2010-07-15 11:16:42

Thanks, this is indeed very valuable tips. I am changing my keywords to make use of this tip. Once again thanks!

Comment by Cinderella Costume
2010-09-09 20:54:48

Hi Henry,

Nice post but I’m confused about the 50sites 250 links limits. Lets say that I added my 50 sites in the first month and by the 3rd or 4th month all my sites have their 250 links. What happens then? Do I just continue to pay the monthly fee? If I have more sites then do I need to pay for another account for another 50 sites?



Comment by Henry Zeng
2010-09-14 14:57:27

Hi Mike,

I suppose so. Even if you have all 10,000 links active for your 50 sites, you still need to continue pay the membership fee. You may need to pay for another account to get more sites into the 3wl network.

The good news is if you have PR4+ sites, they don’t count against your 50 sites quota.


Comment by Disappointed
2010-09-11 04:03:22

I used 3waylinks for about a year – and had moderate success with it. Missed an auto payment and had to resubmit all the sites for re-approval. Over 75% of my sites, (which were previously approved) were ‘denied’ because of links the 3Way system had put onto my sites. After a couple of resubmission attempts and explanation back and forth with the service people, I decided to leave the program.

It can be a decent boost if you get good links, however most of them are PR 0 crap blogs, that even the 3waylinks people don’t want on their own system. I would consider re-joining if they cleaned it up a bit.

Comment by Piper
2011-01-29 06:28:36

I have been using it for about 2 months now, and haven’t really noticed any difference in my traffic from the links placed on my website. I’ll stick with it a bit longer, just to give it a chance, but so far, I haven’t had the results I was expecting, based on all the good reviews I’ve read about it.

Comment by houston seo company
2011-11-23 06:32:01

I am eager to see if the reviews that I am finding are true or not. My main concern is that if you leave their system, then you loose all the links that were built for you during your time that you use the program. So if you break it down, you are basically renting links throughout the time that you pay for the service. This is something to keep in mind if you do not have many sites. For those of you that have numerous sites, it would be more beneficial.

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