3Waylinks Case Study: $1,837.46 Revenue, 5 Hours Work

I just want to show you guys another amazing 3WayLinks case study on a niche site that built by Jonathan Leger, yeah the founder of 3WayLinks network.

Jon built this niche content site from scratch and once the site was done, he firstly distributed 10 articles to both EzineArticles.com and GoArticles.com. The initial links from the articles made the site pages indexed in the search engines.

After that, all backlinks of the niche site were from 3WayLinks network only, built slowly and naturally.

Here’s the visit statistics for a full year:

You see, the overall traffic to the site has risen over time and most of the traffic is from Google. The traffic is great, but what’s more exciting is the AdSense earnings from the site.

Here’s November’s earnings:

November was the best month so far, at $230.55. So how much has the site earned total in AdSense revenue since it was created?

More than $1,800 so far. Let’s see: $1,837.46 divided by five hours of work… that’s $367.49 an hour this site has earned him.

Put up one site per week and do the math β€” not a bad living, I’d say. And you can put 50 websites( or unlimited number of sites if you just plug one PR4 site in ) in the 3WL network.

It’s been 15 months now and we can see that it took 11 months to get the site fully ranked in search engines and receive a maximum of traffic of 4,000 unique visitors every month.

So does 3WayLinks work? The numbers speak for themselves.

And for some of you that have already joined the 3WL network, I would say please be patient because SEO is not something overnight.

Patience is a virtue πŸ™‚

And below are exact resources Jon used for creating the case study site:

Niche Inspector – Find profitable niches to create sites around.

HypreVRE Gold (paid version) – Create web pages and monetize your niche sites.

Instant Article Wizard – Create all of the content for the site super fast. You need unique content if you really want to rank well, and IAW is the tool to use even if you know nothing about the subject.

You can see the original post made by Jon here and also don’t miss out your chance to get your lifetime 3WayLinks discount now.

To your amazing success!

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Comment by mark
2009-01-15 18:24:03

Hi Henry,
And what happened in Dec 08?

Comment by Henry Zeng
2009-01-16 09:12:03

Lol the screenshot was taken on Dec 2nd Mark. That’s why the number of unique visitor was so little πŸ™‚

Comment by WInson Yeung
2009-03-18 09:02:34

Thanks for the case study, just nice I was gonna to sign up 3wayslinks under your affiliate link. This come to usefulness

Comment by domain register
2009-03-31 07:27:15

Dear Henry
i interested on your 3 way links, but i have some question :

1. What do you mean the state “Once your site reaches 250 inbound links, the process stops. This usually takes about 60 days. ” ?
Is it mean that one site only get 250 links only ?

2. Can WordPress Blog use this 3 ways links ? What’s the condition for wordpress blog can use this 3 waylinks?

3.Can I use 50 blogs with deferent topics ? or i should use same topics for the whole 50 blogs if i want to use 3waylinks?

4.Is there any discount for 3waylinks ?

5. Is easy or not to put the php for 3 waylink on my blog ?

6. After i use 3waylinks,how can i check every day to know that 3 way links really works ?

7. Is there any guaranteed for this software ? what if after i use this 3waylinks, the traffic is not increase ?

thank you very much … i’ll wait your reply πŸ™‚

Comment by Henry Zeng
2009-03-31 12:37:51


Yeah 250 links for each site, but since you can plug at least 50 different sites into the network, you can expect 12,500 links in total.

If your site is a wordpress blog, you can download a simple wordpress plugin to install the 3waylink code.

There’s also a 3WayLinks Rank Checker tool in the member area, for you to check your Google rankings regularly.

You can see some more of the questions answered here:



Comment by Franck Silvestre
2009-11-03 23:57:27

I like case studies. Great income for only a couple of hours. I’m not too much in adsense though.

Comment by Ryan
2009-12-09 09:15:41

Excellent work here. Picking out these niches seems like the major obstacle.:D

Comment by panikkarson
2010-03-01 04:55:55

Real Good. Although I’m not into adsense that much, I’ve been following the scenario, and believe that Jonathan Leger is at the top of adsense specialists. His views and his tools are worth attention.
And yes, picking the niche is the crucial part.

Comment by Piper
2011-01-29 06:21:57

Thanks for posting this. I’ve only been using 3WayLinks for two months now, and have had amazingly poor results, but this just shows that I need to be patient and stick with it. I’ll keep using the service for a while, and hopefully will start to see results such as these, as SEO does apparently take time. πŸ™‚

2011-02-10 08:29:49

I am a great fan of 3-way linking & Jon’s program looks the goods. Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

Comment by $100 Per Day Online
2011-11-05 23:13:56

It is amazing how valuable time is. This is another great example of how a little hard work can pay off. Not many people enjoy writing articles, but the truth of the matter is Ezine Articles, and some of the other article networks provide a great backlink.


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