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I bet you've already heard about Jonathan Leger's 3WayLinks network, been sent to their sales page but weren't sure if the 3WayLinks was just another scam or your true SEO savior, right?

My name is Henry Zeng, and I’m an veteran marketer started my Internet marketing career when I was 19. However, I just want to tell you whether 3WayLinks works or not and my own 3WayLinks profiting tips from my online marketing experience.

3WayLinks Review, Lifetime Discount and Bonuses

3WayLink Review

You see, I’ve always been a big fan of automation traffic generation solutions to develop my online business. And when I first heard about this 3WayLinks network , I was a little skeptical because there were too many “black-hat” link farm networks out there that are trying to spam the search engines.

But after read a few SEO articles on Jon’s blog (I’m a customer of Jon’s several products), I was convinced that Jon’s really a cool guy that authoritative in SEO field and actually know well what he’s doing, so I signed up and gave it a try.

After six months of testing, I can finally tell you that it is a system that actually delivers on what it promises. It does actually help you achieve top ten rankings for 3 keywords of your choice in search engines, especially in Google.

I’m not going to talk about how Jon’s 3WayLinks network works here (you can learn about it right on his website) – I just want to share with you some of my results here so you have some cold hard facts to help you decide if it’s worth it for you.

I set up a simple blog dedicated to promote one product on the site and then put the it in the 3WayLinks network which aimed to rank 3 very targeted keywords related to that product.

You want to see the result?

Traffic and Clickbank Sales in April:

3waylinks results

3waylinks sales
Traffic and Clickbank Sales in May:
3waylinks results3waylinks sales
Traffic and Clickbank Sales in June:

3waylinks results

3waylinks sales

As you see, after 3 months I earned $160.64 with 680 unique visitors in Clickbank sales. Did I mention that I also earned around $12 from Adsense clicks?

In fact I do not recommend you to monetize your site with Adsense. It’s almost impossible to make $160 from 680 visitors with Adsense.

Promoting affiliate products is the best way to monetize, so far.

I also found it takes more than 6 months to get your keywords to fully ranked in Google and the most crucial part of getting the results is choosing the keywords wisely.

All the work I did for this site is writing some review articles, choosing 3 keywords and plugging the site into the network. That was no more than 5 hours of work and after that everything was completely automated.

With 3 Way Links, you can rank 50 (or unlimited if you put a PR 4+ site in the network)of your web sites in Google with one 3WayLinks account.

Let’s do the match:

If you invest $47 per month in 3WayLinks starting now, after 6 months your little product review site just like mine is getting about 600 visitors per month and earns you a reasonable $200 every month depends on that traffic.

You set up 50 review sites and put all of them into the network. $200 times 50 is $10,000 per month all on auto-pilot.

Isn’t that worth $47 per month?

And even better, I have something special for you.

I begged, I bribed, and finally had Jon arrange a LIFETIME 3WayLinks discount for you.

Now you can lock in your access at the ridiculously low price of $37/month plus my private bonus buster package, instead of paying the normal $47 a month: (I’m even paying $47 a month to the membership myself!)

Even if you only get one site ranked well enough just to earn $5 per day from Google AdSense, you will have already achieved a 300% monthly return on your investment.

And chances you may get some killer sites that earn you more than $500 to $1000 per month. Multiply that by a few dozens sites you put in the network and… well, you get the idea.

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3WayLinks Site Case Study: 2 Year Update

I wrote a case study on a niche Adsense site that Jonathan Leger created.

And over two years later, here’s his latest AdSense report from that little niche site that sits untouched, happily generating income for me month after month:



This little 10 page site (which doesn’t look very professional, btw, and only took about 5 hours to create) is about to hit the $5,000 earnings mark.

The site is still going strong after 2 years in the 3waylinks link network.

As a recap, here’s what he did:

I know that $5,000 in 2 years may not be a big money earner, but image building just 10 sites like that. It will be $25,000 a year for you, every year.

You can read the original post made by Jon here. Just grab your lifetime 3WayLinks discount NOW before it’s too late.

To your amazing success!

Henry Zeng

3Waylinks Case Study: $1,837.46 Revenue, 5 Hours Work

I just want to show you guys another amazing 3WayLinks case study on a niche site that built by Jonathan Leger, yeah the founder of 3WayLinks network.

Jon built this niche content site from scratch and once the site was done, he firstly distributed 10 articles to both and The initial links from the articles made the site pages indexed in the search engines.

After that, all backlinks of the niche site were from 3WayLinks network only, built slowly and naturally.

Here’s the visit statistics for a full year:

You see, the overall traffic to the site has risen over time and most of the traffic is from Google. The traffic is great, but what’s more exciting is the AdSense earnings from the site.

Here’s November’s earnings:

November was the best month so far, at $230.55. So how much has the site earned total in AdSense revenue since it was created?

More than $1,800 so far. Let’s see: $1,837.46 divided by five hours of work… that’s $367.49 an hour this site has earned him.

Put up one site per week and do the math — not a bad living, I’d say. And you can put 50 websites( or unlimited number of sites if you just plug one PR4 site in ) in the 3WL network.

It’s been 15 months now and we can see that it took 11 months to get the site fully ranked in search engines and receive a maximum of traffic of 4,000 unique visitors every month.

So does 3WayLinks work? The numbers speak for themselves.

And for some of you that have already joined the 3WL network, I would say please be patient because SEO is not something overnight.

Patience is a virtue 🙂

And below are exact resources Jon used for creating the case study site:

Niche Inspector – Find profitable niches to create sites around.

HypreVRE Gold (paid version) – Create web pages and monetize your niche sites.

Instant Article Wizard – Create all of the content for the site super fast. You need unique content if you really want to rank well, and IAW is the tool to use even if you know nothing about the subject.

You can see the original post made by Jon here and also don’t miss out your chance to get your lifetime 3WayLinks discount now.

To your amazing success!

Your 3Waylinks Questions Answered

Thanks so much for all your great response for the 3WayLinks special offer I arranged.

So many of my subscribers rushed into the membership (and some even forgot to ask me for the bonuses 🙂 But I also see members that cancel their subscription too early.

SEO is all about getting long-term results. And the time involved is how you “pay” for generating long term free traffic to your websites.

Anyway – I know you have questions of this new 3 way linking system. So here are some Q&As:

=> Question #1 – Does 3WayLinks accept any kind of site?
Answer: Your sites must have at least 2 pages indexed in Google and support PHP scripting.

Only family-friendly sites are accepted (no adult, gambling, warez, hate, etc.)

One another thing I should point out that they also don’t accept “faith-based” sites into the network, or sites with religious content, just because of Jon’s own religious faith.

So you may get problems with sites on Mythology or Christmas. It may sound silly to some people, but if you want to benefit from their hands-off and effortless link-building service you must beware of that.

To give you the most likely types of content they exclude:

ANY religion or religious and faith *related* content
ALL holidays (in the religious festival sense of the word, not vacations)
‘Unofficial’ faiths – wicca, paganism, withcraft, sorcery
Festivals/occasions that are faith based in nature such as Christmas, Easter, Baptism, Christening
Divorce related issues, romance
Anything of a sexual nature
Breast/Penis enhancement surgery/products
Sites with overtly sexy images

=> Question #2 – 3WayLinks require that sites must have at least 2 pages indexed in Google. Can you help me get listed quickly so I can get into the network?

Answer: One of the easiest ways to get your site indexed is by placing a link to your new site on your established sites.

The higher the Page Rank of your existing site, the faster the new site will be indexed.

Another good way is to bookmark your new site with some popular social bookmark sites like,

=> Question #3 – If i sign up to 3WayLinks will I have too many links per day being generated? I don’t want to get sandboxed by Google.

Answer: The full link building process with 3WayLiknks is automated and that’s the appeal.

The network spreads links slowly, at the rate of 0 to 8 links per day. That means that there will be some days where no new links are added, and some days where as many as 8 are added — which is how natural linking occurs.

Once your site reaches 250 inbound links, the process stops. This usually takes about 60 days.

=> Question #4 – What if 3WayLinks is not working any more, like Google “clamp it down” or “penalize it”?

Answer: You won’t get penalized because 3waylinks is not some unethical “blackhat” tactic or spam at all. Even if Google clamp it down, they’ll just discount 3 way links or cancel the link values.

Yes, there is a “risk” involved. However, risk is everywhere dude, like when you crossing the street or driving your car.

And if it is not working any more – just cancel it.

It’s that simple.

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How to Choose the Money Keywords & Cash In with System – Guaranteed!

Hi folks,

I’m revealing my secret tactic for you to unleash the full potential of Jonathan Leger’s 3WayLinks Google ranking system.

It’s the exactly what I learn from super affiliates who use this secret tactic to rake in tens of thousand affiliate cash by promoting affiliate products.

I’ve seen ebooks sell for $97 with this single tactic, but I will show you for free.


Did you know that choosing your keywords is the MOST important part of the whole process? I can say 99% of the people who fail with 3WayLinks are making this step wrong.

Many people just chase to rank those popular keywords and build sites with those search terms. But soon they found these keywords are hard to get ranked. Even if they’re getting traffic, they get no sales in this kind of search traffic. Big fail. And they complain this system is not working.

What I advise is to aim to rank the keywords that MAKE MONEY.

For example, when you are building a product review site to promote affiliate products, the 5 keywords strings you MUST target are: the product name, product name review, buy product name, purchase product name, and product name bonus.

But why?

Because people searching on these words are buyers. They want to read positive reviews to convince them to buy and theyare ready and waiting to spend money!

The keywords I mention are money keywords which guarantee to make sales and also easy to rank in the search engines.

You may not expect to get huge traffic but the conversions will be just fantastic.

For example, I have a websites that makes me $500 per month, with no more than 15 visitors a day!

Even though you get less traffic, you end up making more money.

If you don’t know how to presell those desperate buyers and make money with these money keywords, try Review-in-a-box in which you can get your turnkey review site set up with articles, videos and follow up messages.

You can easily leave your competitors in the dust with 3WayLinks because you get much less competition with these keywords. 250 links from 3WL are absolutely enough.

And good news is now Google’s External Keyword Tool reports the exact search volume (maybe the death of all major keyword tools?)

That means now it’s easy to decide which keywords are worth to rank, since 3WL just allows you to choose 3 keywords of your choice to rank in.

You just choose to rank the product related money keywords which have healthy search volumes.

Jon also includes a free report on keyword selection in the 3WL member area, which will help you how to find low to mid-competition keywords to aim for. Read it carefully.

Conclusion: 3WayLinks is an awesome tool for getting hands-off Google rankings for mini sites, affiliate review sites and small content sites. So use it to get traffic for your mini-sites while eventually serving link juice and traffic for your authority sites.

And be sure to take advantage of the Super 3WayLinks Discount & Bonuses when you choose to subscribe this awesome SEO tool.

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